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g Anna Shannon-Cardwell
Gender Female
Born August 28, 1994
Age 21
Height 4'11"
Occupation Student, older sister, mother
Hobbies eating, sleeping, & taking care of Kaitlyn
June Shannon (mother)
David Dunn (birth father) Mike Thompson (step father)
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark (daughter)
Kylee Madison Cardwell (daughter)
Alana Thompson (half-sister)
Jessica Shannon (half-sister)
Lauryn Shannon (half-sister)
Love Interests Caleb Clark (former boyfriend & Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark's birth father)
Mitch Brewer (ex-boyfriend)
Michael Cardwell (husband)

Anna Marie Cardwell (neé Shannon) is the eldest daughter of June "Mama June" Shannon and David Dunn. At age 17, she had her daughter Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark. Anna is the older sister of Jessica, Lauryn and Alana.

Life EventsEdit

  • She had a baby shower in season 1.
  • She was eleven when Alana was born.
  • She shares her birthday with Alana.
  • She had bangs when she lived with her grandmother.
  • She spent her 19th birthday with Kaitlyn and Michael.
  • She moved out of the house with Michael and Kaitlyn.
  • She got married on May 25, 2014 in Georgia.
  • She wants two more kids after she is married with Michael and named them Sadie and Gretchen. However she seems to have changed her mind as she named her second daughter Kylee.
  • She and Michael moved on August 11th to Ivey, Georgia with kaitlyn.
  • She will look for a job in Alabama after she gets married.
  • Anna was once in the custody of her grandmother.
  • Anna was four years old when her birth father went to court.
  • She got engaged on December 19th 2013.
  • She moved to Alabama on May 20th 2014.
  • She got a tattoo on her shoulder with Michael to celebrate their marriage.
  • Anna peed on the couch once June 10, 2014.
  • She has glasses.
  • She was invited to the family house boat vacation.
  • She had a wrestling theme at her wedding shower.
  • She wanted to move to Alabama because she felt there is no reason for her to stay in Georgia.
  • She had a wedding cake at her and Michael's wedding.
  • Her birth father did not show up for wedding so she thought he was missing in action. 
  • She was molested at the age of 8 by Mark McDaniel. She was abused a lot when her mother was at work.
  • She wants to go to culinary school.
  • Mama June stole 20 thousand dollars from her to buy a car for McDaniel.
  • She has a father in law.
  • She was announced by her mother June that she's expecting her 2nd child.
  • She had her second daughter on December 9th.
  • She was 21 when she had Kylee.

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