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g Anna Thompson
Nickname(s) Anna, Chickadee
Gender Female
Born August 28, 1994
Age 19
Height 4'11"
Occupation Student, older sister, mother
Hobbies eating, sleeping, & taking care of Kaitlyn
June Thompson (mother)
David Dunn (father)
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark (daughter)
Alana Thompson (sister)
Jessica Thompson (sister)
Lauryn Thompson (sister)
Other Family
uncle Poodle
Love Interests Celeb Clark (former boyfriend & Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark's father Michael(future husband)

 Anna Marie "Anna" Thompson or "Chickadee" (born August 28, 1994) is the mother of Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark and the oldest sister of Alana Thompson. She is 19 and is in her first year of college. She has two other sisters named Jessica Thompson and Lauryn Thompson. Her parents are June Thompson and Mike Thompson. She had Kaitlyn at 17.

  • She wants to go to culinary school.
  • She had a baby shower in season 1.
  • She was 11 when Alana was born.
  • She shares birthdays with Alana.
  • She never went to Alana's 8th birthday party.
  • Its possible she moved out and didn't tell anyone.
  • She thought it was easy to live on her own.
  • She spent her 19th birthday with Kaitlyn and Michael
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