g Jessica Shannon
Nickname(s) Chubbs
Gender Female
Home Georgia
Age 21
Occupation College student
June Thompson (mother)
Anna Shannon-Cardwell (half sister)
Lauryn Hazel Shannon (sister)
Alana Thompson (half sister)

Jessica Shannon is the daughter of June Shannon and Michael Ford, the younger sister of Anna Shannon-Cardwell and the older sister of Lauryn Shannon and Alana Thompson and the aunt of Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark and Kylee Madison Cardwell.

Life Events Edit


  • She loves redneck events.
  • She is close with her sister Alana.
  • Very scared at Halloween.
  • She has issues with Mama June.
  • Her nickname is Chubbs
  • She is the winner of the breath game.
  • She was born on October 10th 1996.
  • She is in her first year of college.
  • She had a 18-months relationship with Phillip until they broke up.
  • She was the Maid of Honor at Anna's wedding.
  • She was the first to go back to school after she was in a car accident with her family.
  • She wasn't hurt in the car crash.
  • Her favorite food is tuna.
  • She shared her room with Uncle Poodle for a while.
  • She did the mud belly flop with Alana.
  • She loves spending time with her friends.
  • She is Alana's BFF and according to Alana Jessica smells better than Lauryn and Anna.
  • Jessica's room is purple with light blue spots.
  • On her spring break this year did a redneck hot tub and house boat vacation.
  • She also has a nickname Chubbette.
  • And she does not have a middle name like her sisters, Alana, Anna, and Lauryn.
  • She has shark teeth.
  • She has a rare skin gene.
  • She has a brain disorder.
  • She only brushes her teeth on occasions.
  • She was 5-6 yrs old when Anna was abused from April 2002 to October 2002.
  • She has the same father as Lauryn.
  • She threw a key a Lauryn.
  • She is the first in her family to have a high school diploma.
  • She became an aunt at 21 years old.