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g Jessica Thompson
Nickname(s) Chubbs
Gender Female
Born October 12, 1996
Age 17
Height 5'0"
Occupation Student, older sister, aunt
Hobbies eating & sleeping
June Thompson (mother)
Anthony Ford (father)
Anna Thompson (sister)
Lauryn Thompson (sister)
Alana Thompson (sister)
Other Family
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark (niece) Uncle Poodle Aunt doe doe
Love Interests Phillip (boyfriend)

Jessica Louise Shannon is Alana Thompson's older sister. Her niece is Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark. She is seventeen and is in 12th grade. She was born on October 12, 1996. Her nickname is "Chubbs".

  • She has shark teeth a rare skin gene and a brain disorder.
  • She was the winner of the breath game.
  • She is Alana's BFF and smells better than Lauryn and Anna.
  • Her favorite food is tuna.
  • She brushes her teeth on occasions.
  • She fights with Pumpkin a lot.
  • She is one of the bridesmaids for Anna's wedding
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