g Kaitlyn Elizabeth Shannon
Nickname(s) Gigi's baby, Kaite Lizzie
Gender Female
Born July 26, 2012
Home Rockford, Alabama
Age 6
Anna Shannon-Cardwell (mother)
Caleb Clark (possible birth father)
Michael Cardwell (step-father)
Two possible half-siblings
Kylee Madison Cardwell (half-sister)
June Thompson (grandmother)
David Dunn (grandfather)
Alexandra "Sandra" Hale (great-grandmother)
Jessica Shannon (aunt)
Lauryn Hazel Shannon (aunt)
Alana Thompson (aunt)

Ella Grace Efrid (cousin)

Kaitlyn Elizabeth Shannon is the daughter of Anna Shannon-Cardwell and possible daughter of Caleb Clark, the step-daughter of Michael Cardwell and the older half-sister of Kylee Madison Cardwell.

Life Events Edit

  • She was born in Season 1 of the show.
  • The identity of Kaitlyn's biological father remains unknown as Anna had a one-night stand with someone the week before she slept with Caleb Clark.
  • Sugar Bear cut Kaitlyn's umbilical cord when she was born.
  • She was one of the scents for the watch-and-sniff event.
  • She was one of the flower girls at Anna's wedding.
  • She lives in Alabama with Anna, Michael, and Kylee.
  • She got the most attention from the family.
  • She was invited for the houseboat vacation.
  • She often calls Michael "Daddy".
  • On her third birthday she had a gender-revealing cake for her new sibling.
  • She was born at 7:11pm on July 26, 2012.
  • She weighted 6 pounds and 2 ounces at birth.
  • She has 6 fingers on her right hand.
  • She got her extra thumb removed at 4 years old.

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