g Kylee Madison Cardwell
6 months old Kylee
Gender Female
Born December 9th, 2015
Home Rockford, Alabama
Age 2
Anna Shannon-Cardwell (mother)
Michael Cardwell (father)
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Shannon (half-sister)
June Shannon (maternal grandmother)
Tonya Byrum Cardwell (paternal grandmother)
David Dunn (maternal grandfather)
Alexandra "Sandra" Hale (great-grandmother)
Jessica Shannon (maternal aunt)
Lauryn Hazel Shannon (maternal aunt)
Alana Thompson (maternal aunt)
Abby Cardwell (paternal aunt)
Jimmy Shannon (maternal great-uncle)
Joanne Shannon (maternal great-aunt)

Ella Grace Efrid (material cousin)

Kylee Madison Cardwell is the daughter of Anna Shannon-Cardwell and Michael Cardwell, as well as the younger half-sister of Kaitlyn.

Life Events Edit

  • Originally her middle name was going to be Michelle but her parents named her Madison after her paternal grandmother.
  • She is the first of June's descendants to be born in wedlock.
  • She inherited her father Michael's red hair and blue eyes.
  • June confirmed that Kylee's and Kaitlyn's names have nothing to do with the Kardashians.
  • She was born seven days before her due date.
  • She was conceived around Michael's birthday, just like her parents planned.
  • Anna and Michael threw Kylee's gender-revealing party at Kaitlyn's third birthday party.
  • She was born just after noon at 12:06 PM, weighing 7 lbs, 2 oz, and measuring 19 inches long.

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