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g Lauryn Thompson
Tlc lauryn
Nickname(s) Pumpkin
Gender Female
Born January 7, 2000
Age 14
Height 5'3"
Occupation Student, older sister, aunt
Hobbies eating & sleeping
June Thompson (mother)
Mike Thompson (father)
Anna Thompson (sister)
Jessica Thompson (sister)
Alana Thompson (sister)
Other Family
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark (niece) uncle Poodle

Lauryn Marisa Thompson (born January 7, 2000) is an older sister of Alana Thompson. She is the younger sister of Jessica Thompson and Anna Thompson. Lauryn is also the aunt of Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark, Anna's daughter. She is 14 years old. June Thompson and Mike Thompson are her parents. Also, her nickname is Pumpkin.

According to family legend, Lauryn was playing with a game system in 2006 or 2007 when lightning hit the house. This caused Pumpkin to be "electrocuted," transforming her from a very bright girl into a very strange girl of merely ordinary intelligence.[1] These historic events have become the subject of song.

For her thirteenth birthday, Lauryn was excited to take on the challenge of devouring "Pigzilla," a four pound sandwich served at Papa Buck's BBQ. Pumpkin failed to accomplish the task within the allotted time; however, she did become the only female to ever attempt the feat, as well as the youngest to try.

  • It's not known who her father is (even June doesn't know herself).
  • She wants to go to beauty school.
  • She earned a nickname of Chunkin.
  • She was part of an etiquette class.
  • She has a friend named Becky.
  • She and her familly members were recovering from injuries on her 14th birthday. The injuries occurred from a car crash and pumpkin had chest bruises and panic attacks after this accident.
  • Her favorite food is corn.
  • She thought Anna was native.
  • She fights with Jessica a lot.
  • She is one of the bridesmaids for Anna's wedding.

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