g Mike Thompson
Tlc sugar-bear
Nickname(s) Sugar Bear
Gender Male
Born December ,13, 1971
Age 45
Height 5'0"
Mother (deceased)
Uncle Poodle (brother)
Billy Thompson (brother)
Jennifer Thompson
Anna Thompson (step-daughter)
Jessica Thompson (step-daughter) 
Lauryn Thompson (step-daughter) 
Alana Thompson (daughter)
Love Interests June Thompson

David Michael "Mike" or "Sugar Bear" Thompson is Alana Thompson's father and June Shannon's ex-husband. He is the step-grandfather of Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark, his oldest step-daughter's child. Besides Alana, he is the step-father of Anna, Jessica and Lauryn. Mike is 45 years old.

  • He has his inside parts reversed,
  • He had a friend named Dusty Thomas
  • He has a manper which he hangs out in when he wants be away from June
  • He was the winner of girls.
  • He also spent 5 years in jail for a series of crimes which he robbed hunting camps along with setting a camper on fire in 1998.
  • He has a brother named Uncle Poodle who has 9 toes and is HIV positive.
  • He met June online.
  • He has lived in Georgia his whole life.
  • He is diabetic and did tobacco.
  • He had a brain disorder.
  • He has his snacks in his closet in his room to hide it from June and the girls.
  • He was the winner of the no swearing contest.
  • He once had a turkey fryer but had to give it up for his marriage.
  • He went to a couples spa with June on their first anniversary.
  • He has had a relationship with June since May 14th 2004
  • He has spilt from June after June thought he cheated on her.
  • He acquired major support from fans for the Honey boo boo spin off show "Sugar bear and Poodle show" thru petitions and social media.
  • He will be on marriage boot camp.
  • He spent 12 days in a hospital after get a leg Infection and hurting his foot in an accident.
  • He also has a fiancé named Jennifer.